Design, installation, and maintenance of high quality sprinkler systems since 1974.

Willowridge has been installing high quality irrigation systems in the Lawrence area for over thirty years. From large projects like Hallmark Cards, The Dick Peters Athletic Fields at Ottawa University, and the KU practice fields to countless smaller commercial and residential projects, Willowridge has demonstrated the willingness and ability to get the job done right. In an industry that is constantly changing and updating, you can count on Willowridge to keep you ahead of the game.

Our knowledgeable, experienced crews have all the answers to design, maintain, and install quality systems. Everyone claims they install quality systems, but do they have hundreds of satisfied customers to back them up? Give us a call and let us show you the difference...the Willowridge difference!

Design and Installation
Willowridge can design a sprinkler system to meet all your needs. From flower beds, to gardens, to turf. Willowridge has the know how to water your entire yard efficiently.

Did you know that an inefficient sprinkler system has twice the daily operating cost as an efficiently designed Willowridge system? These costs can double or sometimes even triple your out of pocket expenses over the life of the system.

Willowridge installs an all PVC solvent welded systems. Compared with traditional poly pipe, PVC gives you a more durable system that is less susceptible to leaks at fittings.

We are constantly searching the marketplace for the latest technology to offer our customers the most efficient system. We are currently installing a Hunter/Rainbird hybrid system. These products, in our opinion, give our customers the utmost in quality, warranty, and ease of service.

Willowridge has the tools, the know how and probably most importantly, the "want to" to give you a high quality system for a fair price. We will leave you happy and your yard looking great.

Willowridge services all makes and models of sprinkler systems. From the old hydraulic systems of the 70's and 80's to the most modern, Willowridge has seen it all. We have the most experienced, most knowledgeable crews in Lawrence that can diagnose and repair any problem you might have.

All sprinkler systems require some maintenance. With our harsh winters it is necessary to winterize all sprinkler systems to keep them from freezing. Having Willowridge in your corner guarantees that your system will be in the same shape in the spring as you left it in the fall.

City codes require that all sprinkler systems be equipped with a backflow device. This device prohibits any water that enters your sprinkler system from re-entering the drinking water supply. These devices must be tested once a year. Willowridge has certified testers to make sure you water supply is safe.







Irrigation Irrigation Irrigation


Willowridge has been taking care of lawns in Lawrence, KS for over 30 years. Our certified applicators will deliver the right amount of chemical at the right time to keep your lawn looking its best. Willowridge will be a partner you can trust in making your lawn look its best.


Toro makes outdoor products for professional and residential use. Products include irrigation equipment, walk-behind and riding lawn mowers, lawn tractors, electrical trimmers, and snowblowers.

Hunter Industries is among the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment for turf, landscape and golf courses.
Rain Bird
Rain Bird Corporation is one of the leading irrigation manufacturers in the world. Systems include agricultural irrigation, landscape irrigation, golf course irrigation, and drip irrigation.